Winkie’s Story


Winkie’s History

Winkie’s long adventure to find his forever home, unfortunately, began after being hit by a car when he was little. The accident caused Winkie to lose his left eye and almost all of his sight in his right eye. After his life-saving surgery, his original owners likely didn’t want to pay the bill and never picked him up. Winkie spent the next 3 years sitting in a small kennel where he gained a lot of weight. He almost lost his ability to walk due to the amount of weight he had gained. The Way Home Rescue wasn’t going to let Winkie spend the rest of his life in a small kennel!

The Way Home Rescue came and rescued Winkie in 2013. They began working to restore his health so he could get a second chance at life. Winkie then spent time at his foster home hoping one day his forever home will come. During his multiple year journey at his foster home, he was adopted twice, but always ended up at foster home. Winkie is a very good cat and was never at fault when he was returned to The Way Home Rescue!


The Way Home Rescue


Winkie’s Happy Ending

Even though Winkie had a rough start, he finally got his wish and now gets cuddles and love living in his forever home, all thanks to The Way Home Rescue! Westley and Sarah have been following Winkie for a few years after they adopted Annabelle from The Way Home Rescue, only to agree one day to bring Winkie’s bad luck to an end.


Working with The Way Home Rescue has been an excellent experience, all the volunteers have so much passion in what they do. Adopting Annabelle and Winkie has brought so much joy to our lives! – Sarah & Westley


When Westley and Sarah brought Winkie home he knew from the first day that he could call this his forever home thanks to The Way Home Rescue! On the ride back to their home, Winkie was eager to get out of his cage. After the door opened, he then crawled onto Sarah chest and proceeded to cuddle and purr. You could see the many years of waiting and the struggles Winkie had to overcome. But he was now on the way to his forever home.


The Way Home Rescue


What is Winkie up to?

Winkie gets around his new forever home really well! He bumps into a few things here and there, but he has created his own little routes around the house and usually sticks to those. Every night he follows his dad into the bedroom where he sleeps between both mom and dad all night! Winkie loves to cuddle! He enjoys being around his mom and dad, so he follows them every where they go!

With his two new sisters roaming around the house with him, they have learned to keep their space since Winkie has bumped into them a few times! He is also super playful and enjoys playing with the toys around the house more than his senior sisters!

You can follow Winkie’s Instagram to stay updated on what he is up to! You can also see The Way Home Rescue’s Facebook adoption post for Winkie here! If you are looking to adopt, please make your way to The Way Home Rescue’s pet page to see who is looking for their forever home!

Written by: Westley Ferguson, Web Designer & Front-End Developer for The Way Home Rescue