Keeping Your Cats Safe While Your Green Thumb Thrives


Make Sure Your Garden is Cat Safe

Many homeowners enjoy the benefits of a beautiful garden; whether it is for looks, to deter pests like mosquitos, or to grow their own fruits, veggies, and herbs.

Here in Orlando, Florida with the tropical climate a lot of vegetation is available to us!

Me, I rent a small apartment with a decent sized patio which I absolutely love keeping green. It wasn’t until my two beautiful cats started to venture onto the patio with me that I really thought about my plants being ‘cat safe’. After plenty of Google-ing, I confirmed that all my patio plants were safe and I could breathe easy when my fur babies were enjoying the sun.

As Spring starts to bloom there are a huge array of plants to bring home and enjoy, here are a few tips before adding to your garden:

• Read the plants information while at the Nursery. If you’re buying a mature plant, often times Nursery’s such as Orchards Supply and Hardware or HomeDepot will have some basic information on the plant; look for keywords like toxic or harmful.

• Do a Google check on your plants of choice. If you aren’t sure based on the information available to you, a quick internet search will show exactly what you need to know.

• Review any current plants or new plants on this comprehensive list of ‘Toxic and Non
Toxic Plant List for Cats’
– they also have a great list for dogs.

The Way Home Rescue

A few common plants to re-think for your cat friends safety:

• Elephants Ear
• Aloe
• Lillies
• Apple, Apricot, Plum, Peach, and Cherry
• Orange
• Bird of Paradise
• California Ivy, and many other members of the Ivy family
• Chives
• Daisy
• Lavender
• Mint
• Oregano
• Morning Glory
• Tulip

Happy gardening for you and your animal friends!

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Written by: Christie Bayer, The Way Home Rescue Volunteer