Meet Wednesday Salem


Wednesday’s History

Wednesday was saved by The Way Home Rescue from the OCAS. Furthermore, she was also marked as aggressive at the shelter, but when she was picked up and brought to her foster, we then discovered that she is a very loving cat and was mislabeled.


This is our third adoption from The Way Home Rescue and we couldn’t be happier that we can give her a second chance. Wednesday likes to cuddle and really loves her new forever home! -Sarah & Westley


Wednesday’s Forever Home

Sarah and Westley adopted Wednesday back in August and have welcomed her into their home. Wednesday is a very active and playful kitty that loves to meow quite a bit! Also, Wednesday loves to climb on things she isn’t suppose to, but overall, Wednesday is a really good cat and very affectionate. Most of all, her love and affection does make up for her occasional naughtiness! In addition, she now lives with Winkie, you can see Winkie’s story here! Wednesday and Winkie get along well and sometimes will play. Winkie likes following Wednesday around since he is blind and loves being around someone.


Wednesday is a goofball and really loves to stick her tongue out! She does it quite a lot! -Sarah


The Way Home Rescue

If you are looking to adopt, please make your way to The Way Home Rescue’s pet page to see who is looking for their forever home!

Written by: Westley Ferguson, Web Designer & Front-End Developer for The Way Home Rescue